Cam Newton Reveals List Of QB's He Would Backup

 Cam Newton is lobbying for another chance in the NFL. During a podcast episode, Cam revealed a list of NFL quarterbacks he would be the backup for. Check out the list below. 

Deshaun Watson

Lamar Jackson

Justin Fields,

Tua Tagovailoa

Malik Willis

CJ Stroud

Bryce Young

Anthony Richardson

Jalen Hurts

Aaron Rodgers 

Josh Allen

Sam Howell

"I think that’s what everybody wants to know anyway, So, I’ll share my list. And when I was creating this list, I was saying for myself like, ‘yo, damn, I would do that’, or ‘no, I wouldn’t do that, I would want to compete for a job in that situation.’ That’s just me personally, I’m a competitor." - Cam Newtown

I think it's very unlikely that Cam Newton will actually sign with the NFL in the 2023 season. But I do find it interesting that Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is not on his list. 


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