The New York Giants Are In a Must Win Situation

The New York football Giants are in trouble, to say the least. The offense did not show up against the Cowboys without Odell Beckham Jr. They laid another egg on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions. Odell played in that game but he looked anything but 100% healthy. The Giants have a total of 97 yards rushing yards on the season so far.

The Giants had high expectations coming into this season with all the money they spent on defense. The number weapons they had at receiver coming into this season. The offensive line is a mess to put it nicely, The running game is non-existent to put it nicely. The Giants have just been a disaster.

They will now play the Eagles who have a very stout run defense. The Eagles are also a divisional opponent and the NFC East has been close in terms of talent on each team. The Giants must win on Sunday against the Eagles or the Season is just about a wash.

What do you think?

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