Jets over Dolphins
The Dolphins are in trouble they are giving 145 yards per game against the run which is rank second to last. The Jets are looking to get back to running the ball effectively which is why I am taking the Jets

Colts over Jaguars
I am picking the Colts, but this game is going to be a shootout. Neither teams defense or offense has been impressive so far even though the Colts have better skill players. 

Giants over Buffalo
This is a game the giants can win. Buffalo has some of the best defensive personnel in the league, but they rank 30th in the league overall. The Giants do not have a strong running game, but they may not need it for this game. Eli will surpass 325 yard passing and the Giants will edge out a win by at least a touchdown. 

Panthers over Bucs
Carolina has no business losing this game. I am aware that this game is at Tampa, but if the Panthers take care of business this game should not be close. I got the panthers winning big. 

Eagles over Washington
The Eagles still have a lot to prove, but this is a game they should win. I do have this game being close, Washington has the the 2nd best defense in the league so far and they running for over 140 yards a game. That can really shorten the game, but I got the eagles winning by 3. 

Raiders over Bears
The bears seem to be a MLB baseball team that figured out they are not contenders and deemed their self as sellers. Jimmy Clausen is a joke and the raiders have a chance to go to 3-1 in the first quarter of the season. 

Chiefs over Bengals
The Bengals seem to be the real deal so far averaging a little over 4 touchdowns a game with 28.3. Bengals have yet to face a pass rush as good as the Chiefs. I got the Chiefs getting pressure on Dalton and winning this game.

Chargers over Browns
I don't give a damn if Manziel or McCown starts at quarterback for the browns, the Chargers will win this game from beginning to end. 

Packers over 49ers
I love the look of the new Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California. I will also love the view of Aaron Rodgers putting 40+ points on the scoreboard. Packers win big in this game.

Upset Pick of The Week Rams over Cardinals
The cardinals have been flying high so far this season, but I think the Rams can catch this team off guard and pull off a close upset victory.  Foles must keep the the turnovers to a minimum. 

Broncos over Vikings
This game will be closer then it may seem. The vikings are a very improved team and they have a shot at the NFC wildcard slot. The Broncos defense is just unconscious right now, too much for young Teddy Bridgewater.

Cowboys over Saints
I call this game the "Backup Bowl" with Luke McCown and Weeden being the starting quarterback. This game is really a toss up, but I think the cowboys can edge it out. 

Seahawks over Lions
This game should be a blowout going the Seahawks way, but I believe the lions will have a chance to make things interesting. Not too interesting so I got the Seahawks by about 2 touchdowns. 


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