MLB Awards Prediction

NL MVP: Bryce Harper
Hands down the best position player in the National League. Harper has a chance to get a batting title and Home Run crown this year. Even though at this point the Nationals will not make the postseason Harper is a lock for getting the NL MVP.

AL MVP: Josh Donaldson
I think Donaldson has been amazing all year on offense and defense. Toronto's success does evaluate the Donaldson in the MVP race and may even give him the edge. There is a few players in the American League that could get the MVP this year, but Donaldson to me is most deserving. 

NL CY YOUNG: Jake Arrieta
This was one of the toughest for me to decide. I think Greinke, Bumgarner, and even Gerrit Cole could win the NL Cy Young, but I went with Jake Arrieta from the Chicago Cubs. The lone Bright spot for the Cub's rotation has given his team a chance to win in just about every game he starts. Jake Arrieta is my pick for NL CY YOUNG 

AL CY YOUNG: Dallas Keuchel
Dallas Keuchel has been electric this season. David Price makes the AL Cy Young race interesting to say the least. 

NL Rookie of the year:  Kris Bryant
This kid looked really good all year start to finish. He is a big part of a team that is looking forward to October baseball. I felt the national League had a few good rookie position players this year, but Kris Bryant was the best this season.

AL Rookie of the year: Billy Burns
I like this kid for the Oakland Athletics. He is one of those players that will hit in the 1 or 2 spot in any lineup and be a run producer. I like billy over Houston Astros Carlos Correa who ironically also wears the jersey number 1.

NL Manager of the year: Mike Matheny
The Cardinals have arguably been the best team in baseball since opening day. They have a solid pitching staff, but no real star on offense. What Matheny has gotten out of this team is amazing deserves NL Manager of the year.

AL Manager of the year: John Gibbons
People Might not give him too much credit since they made the trades they made after the all star break. I think John Gibbons has done a great with this team. They needed David Price for quality starting pitching, but the offense was already at the top of the league before all star break. 

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