Glover Quin Retires From The NFL

Pro Bowl safety Glover Quin has decided to retire from the NFL after 10 seasons in the league. 

He spent most of his carer with the Detroit Lions where he is second all-time among Lions defensive backs in tackles. I think the most impressive thing about Quin's career is his durability.  Glover Quin played in all 16 games in 9 of the 10 seasons of his career. His best year would have been 2014 when he lead the NFL in interceptions with 7. 

"Football was never who I was as a person. It was always what I had done. I wanted to use football as a stepping stone into the rest of my life and not let football be my life. I always only wanted to play 10 years. Said if I was able to walk off the field after the last game in Year 10, it would be really hard for me to walk back on. I'm young, I'm healthy and I got a lot of life to live. So I'm walking away from the game of football."
He announced his retirement via Instagram. 


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