This is the end of Kobe era. Agree? or Disagree?

It's sad to say I seen this movie before? Kobe is one of those players I would say is from my era where I can say I grew up with these players. Can we really be surprised by the way he is performing in the beginning of the season? Players like McGrady, Iverson, and Shaq to name a few all had does depressing final years of their career. The only difference is those players were not expected to be option number 1 or 2 for the team. Kobe was expected to be "Kobe"  returning from the injury. Kobe is shooting 32% from the field, 20% from the 3. Averaging under 16 points a game. The eye test shows he taking horrible shots and you can throw in a couple air balls. Kobe no longer strikes fear into defenders off the dribble. We are a long ways from the guy I call "Kobe with the fro". The season is young so it has to get better then this, but I don't see it ever going back to Kobe standards. The lakers would be foolish to bring Kobe back next year. It is time to rebuild and move pass the kobe era. 

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