Rex is out of bounds making IK Enemkpali a co-captain Agree? or Disagree?

Rex Ryan head coach of the Buffalo Bills and former head coach of the New York Jets, decided to make IK Enemkpali a co-captain for the Thursday night game vs the Jets. This news raised eyebrows since IK Enemkpali had an altercation with Jets quarterback Geno Smith which resulted to Geno's jaw being broken and Enemkpali to be released from the team.

As a Jets fan I loved having Rex as a head coach during the winning and losing seasons. I found my self in a tough place because I would love for Rex to be successful after departing from the jets, but he coaches a team in the division so I can't wish him that much success. I rarely miss a Jets game so I am familiar with Rex doing something like this. If Rex Ryan's team had a player from the area or a player from the former team he would make them a captain for that game. So nothing is new here it's just a physical altercation took place which makes it seem like a low blow.

The reality is IK Enemkpali will have very little impact on the game itself. IK Enemkpali has only been active for 3 games, with 2 tackles total. At the very least this entire fiasco will just draw more attention to a Thursday night football game.

Rex is out of bounds making IK Enemkpali a co-captain. disagree.

What do you think?

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