MLB Makes Changes To The Home Run Derby


MLB All-Star festivities are about to get a major change. This year's Home Run Derby, set for July 15th at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, will see a revamped format and adjusted time rules, promising a more exciting and unpredictable competition.

Gone are the days of predetermined seeds and head-to-head matchups in the first round. In 2024, all eight participants will battle it out individually, with only the top four homer totals advancing to the semifinals. This shift creates a "free-for-all" atmosphere in the opening round, where every player has a shot at reaching the later stages.

Ties in the first round will be broken by the longest home run a player hits, adding another layer of strategic thinking to the competition.

But the changes don't stop there. The bonus time system for exceeding home run thresholds has also been tweaked. Previously, hitting long bombs granted an additional 30 seconds. Now, players earn bonus pitches until they record three outs within that period.

Here's the exciting part:  if a player muscles a home run of at least 425 feet during this bonus window, the period extends further until they make their fourth out. This incentivizes deep drives while keeping the competition dynamic.

The familiar three-minute or 40-pitch limit remains in place for the first two rounds, with the finals being a two-minute or 27-pitch showdown. Each participant still gets one timeout per round.

With the new format and rules, MLB aims to add more drama and unpredictability to the Home Run Derby. Fans can expect a more wide-open competition where any of the eight sluggers have a chance to reign supreme. The focus shifts from pre-determined matchups to pure power hitting, potentially leading to some epic displays of long balls.


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