David Fletcher Under Investigation By MLB For Gambling


According to reports, Fletcher placed bets with Mathew Bowyer, the bookie at the center of the Mizuhara case. However, unlike Mizuhara's friend Colby Schultz, Fletcher is not accused of wagering on baseball himself.

Key Points:

  • Fletcher is currently a minor league player with the Atlanta Braves after being traded from the Angels this past offseason.
  • MLB reportedly faces challenges in gathering evidence due to the illegal nature of the bookmaking operation.
  • Fletcher has the right to refuse to cooperate with the investigation if he believes it could incriminate him.
  • The investigation's outcome could potentially impact Fletcher's baseball career.

What's Next?

MLB will likely attempt to interview Fletcher, though cooperation is not guaranteed. The investigation hinges on acquiring evidence to determine the extent of Fletcher's involvement. The results of the investigation could lead to disciplinary action from MLB, including suspension or even a ban from the league.

Fallout from the Mizuhara Scandal:

This investigation is an extension of the scandal surrounding Ohtani's interpreter. Mizuhara has pleaded not guilty to bank fraud and other charges, but is reportedly negotiating a plea deal. Ohtani himself has been declared a victim by prosecutors and is not facing any charges.


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