Tom Brady Rips The NFL

 Future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady is not feeling the NFL's recent suspension. The NFL has decided to suspend Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Domontae Kazee has been suspended for the rest of the 2023 season. The suspension came after Kazee repeated violations of playing rules intended to protect the health and safety of players.

Tom Brady expressed how he felt about it on Instagram. 

"Nobody likes seeing players get hurt. But hard hits happen. QBs should not be throwing the ball in areas where they are exposing their own teammates to these types of hits. Coaches need to coach better, QBs need to read coverages and throw the ball to the right places and defenders should aim for the right hitting areas. To put the blame on the defense player all the time is just flat-out wrong. Need better QB play!! It’s not OK QBs to get your WRs hit because of your bad decisions!" - Tom Brady


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