David Tepper Wants To Break Up The "Old Boys" Network

 Carolina Panthers Owner David Tepper plans to break up the "old boys" network in the NFL. The "Old Boys" refers to the primarily white NFL owners who continue to not hire minority candidates in positions of power like the head coaching jobs. 

"We have probably the most diverse executive team in the NFL right now, we are probably a minority of white men on our executive team right now. That's where it starts. That's America. How do you break that old boys' network? How do you break that process? You break the process by trying to get the best people possible in every role you can do. Whether it's the new [general counsel] we hired, who happens to be an African American woman. Whether it happens to be Frank Reich, who is a Caucasian male." - David Tepper

The timing of Tepper's statement is interesting, to say the least. He had the opportunity to hire Panthers interim head coach Steve Wilks who is black and elected to hire former Colts head coach Frank Reich. Wilks took over the panther in week 5 and the team had a record of 6-6 with him as the head coach. 

David Tepper claims hiring Reich had more to do with his knowledge of offensive did anything else. 


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