Was Mike Alstott The Last Great NFL Fullback?

You don't see a lot of player like Mike Alstott in the NFL anymore. In fact, some may say the NFL fullback is a position that is being fazed out to some degree. 

A player with Alstott size and skills set would probably be a modern-day tight end. Mike could block well, run out of the backfield, and catch passes out of the backfield. I don't believe I heard the term "short-yardage back" before they were calling Mike Alstott that.

Mike has 6 consecutive pro bowl selections from 1997 to 2002. He has a total of 71 touchdowns rushing and receiving in his career which is the most for any fullback in NFL history. 

In my opinion, Mike Alstott is the best fullback to ever play in the NFL. And the way the NFL is set up now He might be the last great fullback in the NFL. 


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