Joe Mauer Announces Retirement From Baseball

The former Amercian League MVP catcher has decided to retire from the game of baseball.

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“After much consideration I have decided to retire from playing baseball. The decision came down to my health and my family. The risk of concussion is always there, and I was reminded of that this season after missing over 30 games as a result of diving for a foul ball. If I were to were to continue playing the game, I would want to do so without reservation and I no longer feel that is possible.” - Joe Mauer

Joe clearly doesn't want to but his long-term health at risk for a few more seasons and I understand completely.

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Mauer spent all 15 years of his MLB career with the Minnesota Twins. With his 2009 AL MVP award, his 3 batting titles, 6 all-star selections, 3 gold gloves, and 5 silver sluggers awards. Is the Joe Mauer headed to the hall of fame?

I personally think he will get in the hall of fame, but not first ballot. The man hit .306 for his career with 2,123 career hits.  It will be hard to keep out of the hall of fame.

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