I Am Not Sold On Sam Darnold

Coming into the 2017 NCAA football season, Sam Darnold got all the hype being the favorite to win the Heisman. Experts even said he was likely to be the number 1 draft pick in the 2018 draft. I have yet to see what the hell they are talking about. Don't get me wrong I believe Sam is a gifted athlete. He is no doubt ready for the next level and will be playing on Sunday with the best of them.

Are we talking number 1 overall pick? No in my book. Sam takes too many risky chances and in result he interception numbers are high. Darnold has the ability to make something out of nothing at times and I believe that is what magnetize people to him. I am not sure that part of his game will translate to the pro game. Look at with happened to Johnny Manziel.

As a Jets fan, I want a quarterback in next years draft, I am not sure if I truly want Sam Darnold


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