Seahawks are not a top defense anymore. Agree or Disagree?

From week to week I hear people say the Seahawks defense is not elite anymore. My response to that is, really? They might have  the most playmaker as far as defensive personnel in the league. To me, they are the most dangerous team fighting for a wildcard spot in the NFC. They are ranked top 5 in total yards allowed on defense and top 10 in points allowed. Richard Sherman is still a top cover corner in this league he his juts not having the season he had back in 2013. The chatter of the Seahawks defense could not have been any louder than after the game with the steelers. The Steelers put up 538 yards of offense with 480 yards coming from the pass. You have to take into account that the Steelers have one of the most dangerous deep passing attacks in the NFL and can really light anybody up. They also have 3 of the fastest receivers on the planet. They pretty much light everybody up through the air.

They missed Kam Chancellor in the beginning of the season. I think the chemistry of this defense is starting to get to rare form coming down to the end of the season. Teams still don't wanna get hit by Kam Chancellor or Bobby Wagner. Richard Sherman is still giving elite wide receivers fits on the outside.

The Seahawks are not a top defense anymore. Disagree.

What do you think?

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