Kirk Cousins is worth at least $15 million a year. Agree? or Disagree?

Kirk Cousins is approaching an expiring contract after leading Washington to the playoff. Washington managed to win an awful division with a big win over the Eagles the day after Christmas. Kirk Cousin has the Washington fan base buzzing with his coined phrase stating "you like that!". The main question is will Washington resign Kirk Cousins and how much money will he get if they do resign him. I think the most money he can possibly get will come from Washington. I cannot see any other team giving him big money or even a starting role. Based on what starting quarterbacks on getting paid around the league Kirk cousins deal should start with at least 5 years and $75 million I would not be surprised if he gets a deal from Washington worth upwards of $80 or $90 million.

With one game remaining in the season Kirk Cousins has 31 total touchdowns and slightly under 4,000 yards passing. He also has managed to have the highest completion percentage in the league with 2 NFC offensive player of the week. Kirk may not have much to speak about outside of this season, but Washington does not have very many options. They have given up on the RG3 project and is likely to not be on the roster. There best chance to win a playoff game would be to go up against the Vikings.

Kirk Cousins is worth at least $15 million a year. Agreed


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