Dan Majerle Sues Grand Canyon University

Dan Majerle was fired as the head coach of the Grand Canyon University basketball team back in March 2020. Dan is now suing the university for a breach of contract. 

"Dan is disappointed that GCU chose not to honor his contract upon his termination, he merely wishes to receive what is due to him under his contract with GCU, which does not expire until the 2022-23. We are simply asking them to abide by what is in writing and agreed to by both parties." - Dan Majerle's lawyer, Dana Hooper

It sounds like Dan Majerle wants Grand Canyon University to payout the rest of the contract even though he was fired. 

"We regret that Coach Majerle's tenure had to end the way it did, but the University is prepared to defend itself and its decision if necessary should Coach Majerle decide to continue with litigation. GCU is unable to comment further until such time as it receives a copy of Coach Majerle's complaint and has an opportunity to review his allegations." - GCU statement


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