The Lakers Should Sign Terry Rozier

The Celtics have renounced Terry Rozier right in order to sign free agent Kemba Walker once free agency opens up. 

Rozier believes he is a starting point guard in this league and he is right. Scary Terry is an above average perimeter defender, he shots 35% from 3 point range and can get to the basket when he needs to. We saw the best version of Rozier during the Boston Celtics 2018 playoff run where he averaged 16.5 points per game. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are scrambling to feel their roster with quality role players. With Anthony Davis and Lebron James, the Lakers are already the favorites win the 2020 NBA Championship. The Lakers needs players that can hold their own, especially in the playoffs. They also need to get players that are cap friendly and I think Roizer is a hand and glove fit for the Lakers. 

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