Why Is Dallas Keuchel Still Unsigned?

The MLB season has officially started and the 2015 AL Cy Young is still a free agent.

Are you telling me that no team is interested in the 4-time Gold Glove winner, 2-time all-star, and World Series champion?

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It has been reported that Dallas Keuchel is waiting for the right deal. Well, what exactly is the right deal? Keuchel got $13.2 million from the Astros in the 2018 season. I have to imagine Kechel is looking for a long term deal upwards of $20 million per season.

The Atlanta Braves has rumored to be interested in Keuchel services which makes sense because they have two rookies in their rotation to start the 2019 season. The Astros also have interest in bringing him back, but I doubt it will be a long term deal.

It has been reported that Dallas is likely to sign with a team after June 2, 2019, so he is clear of a team having to give up a draft pick as compensation for signing him.

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