A Total Of 974 Attended White Sox Game

The Chicago White Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays are not on the short list of must-see teams, to say the least, but attendance under 1,000 is embarrassing.

Outside of the White Sox and Rays not being good teams being the reason for such low attendance, could there be other factors? I know personally, I don't start attending MLB games until mid to late May. It is just too damn cold to be at the ballpark right now sorry. It did happen to be sub 50 degrees in Chicago at the time of this game I can see that playing a part in low attendance.

Another reason for such low attendance could be due to it being a day game. I am aware that Chicago is a big city in terms of population, but a day game on a Tuesday in sub 50-degree temperature and two bad teams is not going to lure people to the ballpark.


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